Joshua Podvin - Nancy Travis Childcare Project

March 18

Go Over The Edge with Joshua! Howdy friends and family near and far! For any of you who have ever wanted to throw me off of a building, you finally have your chance. I'll be going "Over the Edge" by raising support and awareness for the Nancy Travis Childcare Fund (to learn more visit: I hope that you will consider supporting me as I embark on this "Over the Edge" journey!

Help me meet my $1000 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Joshua Podvin 85 Jan/26/2017
Candice Sherman 50 Feb/21/2017
Myles Maland 25 Feb/23/2017
Katie Westermann 25 Feb/24/2017
Marilyn and Elliot Gootman 50 Feb/26/2017
Vicki Keenan 50 Feb/28/2017
Jenn Hauver 50 Mar/07/2017
Bill & Brenda Schnese 50 Mar/07/2017
Susan & Randy Parish 50 Mar/07/2017
Becki Garrett 65 Mar/07/2017
Allison & Jonathan Alexander 50 Mar/07/2017
Sarah Parker 25 Mar/07/2017
Andrea Hale 25 Mar/07/2017
Anonymous 25 Mar/07/2017
Chinami Goodie 50 Mar/08/2017
Anonymous 50 Mar/08/2017
Shannon Wilder 50 Mar/09/2017
Chris Pottebaum 25 Mar/09/2017
Mike Budney 50 Mar/09/2017
Mimi Middendorf 150 Mar/09/2017
Mary and Aubrey Garrison 50 Mar/10/2017
tres small 25 Mar/12/2017
John Murphy 50 Mar/13/2017
Lisa King 21 Mar/14/2017
Bertis and Katherine Downs 50 Mar/14/2017
Anonymous 10 Mar/15/2017
Glenn and Linda Leavell 25 Mar/16/2017
CJ and Buz Amason 50 Mar/16/2017

$1,281 Raised

$1,000 Goal