June Ball - Nancy Travis Childcare Project

March 18

Go Over The Edge with June! Welcome to my fundraising page! Nancy Travis Childcare Project is the organization for which I feel my work and money can make the most difference because quality childcare from an early age changes the lives of children and their parents. Repeated studies show that the learning experiences children have from birth to age five shape the success they have in school and in life. Whether or not it is a good decision for me to go "Over the Edge" repelling down a five-story building on March 18, 2017, I am up for it, and I need your support, and Nancy Travis Childcare Project needs your money. Thank you in advance for your consideration of this request and please pass it on. June

Help me meet my $5000 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
June Ball 85 Nov/11/2016
sarah ehlers 20 Nov/17/2016
Scott Ball 100 Nov/17/2016
Bailey White 50 Nov/17/2016
Carl Glickman 100 Nov/17/2016
Betsy Wright 50 Nov/17/2016
George Daly 50 Nov/17/2016
Meredith Daly 50 Nov/17/2016
Wanda White 50 Nov/17/2016
Steve Cramer 25 Nov/17/2016
Wallace White 50 Nov/18/2016
Dorothy Newland 100 Nov/18/2016
mary engel 50 Nov/18/2016
Gordhan Patel 100 Nov/18/2016
Thomas Scott 100 Nov/18/2016
Sally Coenen 50 Nov/18/2016
Sarah & Rich Ball-Damberg 100 Nov/18/2016
Amy McLamb 20 Nov/18/2016
Louise Damberg 100 Nov/18/2016
Jackie Saindon 25 Nov/19/2016
Susan and Don Myers 100 Nov/19/2016
Julie Luft 50 Nov/19/2016
Sarah Covert 100 Nov/20/2016
Teri Epsten 25 Nov/20/2016
Rhonda & Wayne Lee 25 Nov/20/2016
Jennifer Sharpe 50 Nov/21/2016
Karen Smith 50 Nov/22/2016
Paula Eubanks 100 Nov/22/2016
Anne and Dave Sharpe 100 Nov/22/2016
Hannah Ball-Damberg 15 Nov/22/2016
Katherine Donnan 50 Nov/25/2016
Lois Alworth 35 Nov/26/2016
Myra Moore 50 Nov/28/2016
Sandra Hudson 50 Nov/29/2016
Emily Honigberg 50 Dec/01/2016
Sarah Gordon & Betty Littleton 50 Dec/12/2016
Elizabeth and Tony DeMarco 100 Dec/13/2016
Angela Welch 50 Dec/13/2016
Virginia Ball 50 Dec/14/2016
Nancy Carter 50 Dec/16/2016
Betsey Chastain 200 Jan/03/2017
Kirbo Foundation 250 Jan/03/2017
J.E. Carlson 50 Jan/06/2017
sarah & jack frierson 50 Jan/11/2017
Nicholas Allen 50 Jan/18/2017
John Leahy 20 Jan/20/2017
Anonymous 25 Jan/20/2017
Jo Benton 30 Jan/31/2017
Margie Spalding 100 Feb/22/2017
Karen Kassinger 25 Feb/27/2017
Bertis and Katherine Downs 50 Mar/14/2017
dianne penny and smith wilson 50 Mar/16/2017
Rebecca Baggett 25 Mar/17/2017
Irene Ball 50 Mar/17/2017
Ann Woodyard 25 Mar/18/2017
Pochito Glickman 200 Mar/18/2017
Carl Glickman 10 Mar/18/2017

$3,655 Raised

$5,000 Goal