Kim & Erik Ness - Nancy Travis Childcare Project

March 18

Go Over The Edge with Kim & Erik! ST. PATRICK'S DAY WEEKEND has been quite lucky for us over the years: (1998) Kim flew to Chicago for a pseudo blind date...(1999) Erik flew to Belfast, NIRL to propose...(2000) We were married in Wilmington, NC...(2017) We will literally go Over the Edge in Athens, GA. We have done a lot of crazy things in the last nineteen years, but rappelling down a building definitely is at the top! We hope you will join us to help support Nancy Travis, IHN, and Children First. We have personally worked with each of these organizations and believe not only in their mission, but also in the impact they are making for children and families in Athens. Our goal is to raise at least $2100 to be split among the three organizations. Will you help us? The donation process is fast, easy, secure, and tax-deductible. We truly appreciate any support you can provide. May the luck of the Irish be with you as well -Kim and Erik

Help me meet my $2100 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Kim Ness 85 Nov/16/2016
Erik Ness 85 Nov/16/2016
Candice Sherman 100 Nov/28/2016
Kim Ness 50 Jan/05/2017
Stacy Campbell 20 Jan/05/2017
Jan Johnson 200 Jan/05/2017
Kitty Donnan 50 Jan/05/2017
Lindsey Johnson Mabey 100 Jan/05/2017
Mandy Bernt 25 Jan/05/2017
Lucy Bell 25 Jan/06/2017
Kim Klonowski 100 Jan/08/2017
Ann and Mark Davis 25 Jan/09/2017
Gretchen Brewer 25 Jan/10/2017
The Sussmans 50 Jan/13/2017
greta covington 50 Jan/18/2017
Roger Burbage 50 Jan/23/2017
Steve & Barbara Ness 100 Jan/30/2017
Patty & Steve Whiten 25 Feb/03/2017
Todd Mccrary 25 Feb/03/2017
Rhea Fawcett 25 Feb/08/2017
Debbie McAdams 50 Feb/08/2017
Anonymous 50 Feb/09/2017
Nicole Bomeli 100 Feb/11/2017
Paula Shilton 50 Feb/14/2017
Dana & Todd Cowart 50 Feb/21/2017
Mandy Bernt 50 Feb/21/2017
Eric and Jennifer Carr 50 Feb/21/2017
Joel Tesch 100 Feb/21/2017
Jill Gambill 25 Feb/21/2017
Rob Toutkoushian 50 Feb/22/2017
Laura McHugh 20 Feb/22/2017
Kathy Bangle 25 Feb/22/2017
Jen Myers Ward 25 Feb/23/2017
Anonymous 150 Feb/23/2017
Stacy, Carey, Bo & Hank Stephens 50 Feb/23/2017
Terry Nestor 25 Feb/23/2017
Denise and Dan Horton 50 Feb/24/2017
Jayne & Stan Bailey 50 Feb/24/2017
Anna Smith 15 Feb/26/2017
Cathi & Bruce Lancaster 100 Feb/27/2017
Lewis Hudgins 50 Feb/27/2017
Jamie Voivedich 50 Feb/27/2017
Elaine Johnson 25 Mar/01/2017
Nan Powell 25 Mar/03/2017
Denisa & Jeremy Gandara 50 Mar/09/2017
Carol Strickland 25 Mar/14/2017
Bertis and Katherine Downs 50 Mar/14/2017
Susan Suzeneau 25 Mar/15/2017
Suellen McCreary 100 Mar/15/2017
Kim Turner 20 Mar/15/2017
The Bishops 25 Mar/16/2017
Ally Simmons 25 Mar/17/2017
Erika Funk 25 Mar/17/2017
Beth Thrasher 50 Mar/17/2017
Deborah Keys 25 Mar/17/2017
Glenn and Linda Leavell 25 Mar/17/2017
Kristy & Shannon Mayfield 105 Mar/18/2017
Cobi Shafe 25 Mar/19/2017

$3,025 Raised

$2,100 Goal