Monira & Danny Silk - Nancy Travis Childcare Project

March 18

Go Over The Edge with Monira & Danny! Danny & Monira Silk are working together to raise money for the Nancy Travis Childcare Project. Please consider making a donation to this awesome organization that helps families find solutions for affordable and quality childcare. In exchange, we're going to go OVER the Edge of the SPARC building together. Wish us luck! If you can't make a donation, consider sharing our page with family or friends on facebook or send them an email with this information. Thank you so very much!

Help me meet my $2000 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Monira Silk 85 Jan/05/2017
Susan Phillips 50 Jan/07/2017
Sophie Lewis 25 Jan/07/2017
Bill & Tammy Tapley 50 Jan/28/2017
Naomi & Wahab AlHaroun 100 Jan/28/2017
Emily Ullrich 25 Feb/03/2017
Jenny & Luke Mortensen 50 Feb/04/2017
Aimee Martin 50 Feb/04/2017
Mike Kennedy 10 Feb/05/2017
Krista Jones 20 Feb/06/2017
Leigh Ellen Magness 20 Feb/06/2017
Sarah Peterson 20 Feb/07/2017
Anne Gunton 25 Feb/10/2017
Brandice Evans 25 Feb/10/2017
Amy Wraga 250 Feb/12/2017
Ashley Harrison 20 Feb/14/2017
John Newton 50 Feb/14/2017
Steve Harris 50 Feb/14/2017
The Pearl Girls 75 Feb/15/2017
Katie Al-Haroun 50 Feb/16/2017
Cindy Snow 25 Feb/17/2017
Silk Family 100 Feb/19/2017
Annabelle & Salvatore 100 Mar/04/2017
tres small 25 Mar/12/2017
Lisa King 15 Mar/14/2017
Melissa Hopkinson 25 Mar/18/2017
Subarna Mukherjee 50 Mar/18/2017

$1,390 Raised

$2,000 Goal