Over The Edge Community Wide Events (OTE CWE)

Over the Edge is excited to launch the next wave of Over the Edge events across North America. This cost effective Over the Edge experience is solely designed for the 250+ Secondary Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA’s) across North America, whose population is below 250,000.  The Over the Edge branded event will invite select local organizations to be one of five non-profits to raise funds through this unique and thrilling experience. Designed as a third party funding event, OTE will provide a comprehensive fundraising system that is designed to give non-profits and Edgers (participants) everything they will need to successfully raise funds. 

Leadership and Innovation

If you are tired of traditional fundraisers like runs, walks, galas and golf tournaments, why not consider a signature, exclusive, exhilarating and out-of-the-box event. Think Over the Edge! We know that non-profit organizations are looking to set themselves apart from the rest of the fundraising pack, and our event does just that. Over the Edge creates an incredible appeal to the general public as 58% of “Edgers” are new donors to the hosting non-profit.  In addition, the event attracts new sponsors as well as more robust giving from their existing sponsors! 


In our traditional Over the Edge events our average revenue per event is $91,000!  Although not limited in ANY WAY we are anticipating much more conservative revenue projections for OTE CWE.  Averages and accurate projections will be tabulated throughout 2015.

# Edgers Potential Edger Income NPO Registration Amount On-line Processing fees Net Income Potential Cost per Dollar raised ROI
10 10,000 3,750 1,075 5,175 $0.48 107%
18 18,000 3,750 1,935 12,315 $0.32 216.6%
25 25,000 3,750 2,688 18,563 $0.26 288.4%

Obs: Average amount raised per edger is $1,000

Media and PR

Over the Edge puts your non-profit organization front and center! Our clients consistently find themselves as the top story on their local news station and on the front page of their newspaper. For traditional OTE events our media exposure generates 10,932,251 impressions for first year events that have been valued at $229,407.67.  Please note that with a Community Wide Event, all media and PR will be shared amongst the participating non-profits and will be calculated over 2015.  

Legal and Risk

We have an impeccable safety record over 10+ years of operations involving over 400 events and 25,000 participants. Over the Edge carries a comprehensive insurance policy that covers all aspects of the OTE event should any injury or building damage occur.  Our certified industrial rope access technicians control all safety related activities on an OTE event. We carry $10 million of insurance that indemnifies all key stakeholders including the non-profit and the building. 

Safety and Equipment Standards

Every event that Over the Edge facilitates is set up as an industrial work site that is OSHA compliant and is based on IRATA and SPRAT rigging and safety best practices.  We use industrial, not recreational, equipment that is similar to the gear used by professionals in the Rope access industry as well as firefighters and S.W.A.T. teams. Our event staff includes some of the best and highly trained Rope Access Technicians in the world. Our impeccable safety record is a testament to these high standards. 


We have developed a comprehensive fundraising system for this OTE CWE event. Included in this, is an online fundraising platform that allows our partners the opportunity to customize a web site specific to their needs, while allowing Edger’s the opportunity to create their peer-to-peer fundraising page.  Our team of event planning experts will work diligently with your development team to set up a donor recruitment strategy that works best for you and your organization.

Event logistics++

Our OTE CWE coordinator will provide all event day logistics including; event planning sessions, edger scheduling, event day logistics and more. We will execute the community-wide event, providing all event day leadership to ensure that edgers have a positive Over the Edge experience and maximize the community-wide celebration..  We will ask you to provide some volunteers and basic supplies to support event day activities.


Over the Edge offers a comprehensive fundraising system to help you reach your fundraising goal and raise awareness for your cause.  Each participating NPO is responsible for an event fee of $3,750.  A percentage of the funds raised by the participants is also retained by OTE to cover the online fundraising tools; 12% for the initial $750 and 7% for the additional funds raised.  The Edger pays an $85 registration fee that is used to cover the event-day experience. This is a fraction of the cost of a traditional OTE event and by recruiting only 10 participants you more than double your initial investment with incredible revenue potential as you continue to recruit more participants!  

Payment of Funds Generated - Raised

OTE’s peer-to-peer fundraising platform is part of our comprehensive fundraising system that is our base event fee. NPO’s and edgers alike can use this customized online tool to raise 1,000s of dollars. Over the Edge will set up EFT Direct Electronic Fund Transfer to our NPO partners on Event day and 30 days post event.  The client has full inhibited access to the back end of the web site so that they can track and monitor every dollar raised at all times. 


Application – Apply to be a part of the Over the Edge Community Wide Event in your area by visiting the OTE CWE website and filling out a simple application.  An Over the Edge representative will contact you, answer any questions that you may have and send additional paperwork. Remember there is no cost, no risk and no long-term commitment.

Contract – Post application, you will receive a simple, non-negotiable contract that answers all your questions, clarifies your responsibilities and indemnifies your organization. The contract must be executed 15 business days post application.

Activation date – The activation date is the date that your event becomes official and is scheduled on the Over the Edge calendar of events. It will be the earlier of two potential dates: the first being the date in which the 3rd NPO confirms their participation in the OTE CWE event, alternatively 90 days pre-event date. The activation will also be the date on which your event payment of $3,750 is due.

Event Planning - The official period for your event planning commences upon your activation date. A series of meetings will be scheduled by your OTE event coordinator at the 90, 30 and 7 day intervals. The building will be secured and OTE will manage press releases and outreach.  Access to the comprehensive online fundraising platform will be officially activated at that time. Our goal is to create a truly memorable experience for all participants and to provide you with the support you need to capitalize on this opportunity.

Event – OTE will execute the event, providing all event day leadership to ensure a well-run experience for you and your participants.  We will ask you to provide some volunteers and basic supplies to support event day activities.

Post Event – The OTE Coordinator and clients will have a post event debrief with the purpose of giving and receiving critical event feedback in order to continue improving the OTE CWE process. Strategies will be shared with non-profits to capitalize on the success and excitement of this year’s event and to start recruitment efforts for the next year.

In a Nutshell

What we provide:

  • Once-in-a-lifetime experience for your donors
  • Comprehensive fundraising system
    • Complete package which provides everything you need to generate significant funds.
    • Only thing you need to do is recruit participants to support your cause.
  • Complete Edger recruitment guide
    • List of dynamic best practices created by industry experts after hundreds of events
    • Fundraising kit for your edgers
  • Customized fundraising webpage for your NPO
    • Unique peer-to-peer online fundraising page for your participants
    • Provides reports you can utilize to build your donor database
    • Generate easy communication with participants and monitor progress
  • Unlimited rappel spots
    • At no additional cost you can recruit as many participants as you like
  • Limited partnership
    • Maximum of five, minimum of three NPOs can participate
    • Being one of a small group provides you the exposure you need
    • Gain positive PR with an event that will be talked about year round in your
  • Complete technical staff to execute the event
  • 10 million dollar insurance coverage.
  • Many other benefits and inclusions.

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