Pascale Riley - Nancy Travis Childcare Project

March 18

Go Over The Edge with Pascale! Welcome to my fundraising page as I prepare to go Over the Edge on March 18th. I've been lucky enough to be a preschool teacher here in Athens, at Emmanuel Episcopal Day School, for over 20 years and helping young children to develop a love of learning is something that I've worked hard at and truly believe to be important. I'm thrilled at being able to go OTE for the Nancy Travis Childcare Project which provides scholarships for our most vulnerable children to attend quality early learning programs. I'm also excited to be able to add "rappelling down a building" to the ever growing list of new things that I've tried every year since I turned 50. Anyone who knows me is aware that I'm not very fond of heights but I'm confident that with your help, and with the children in mind, I can do this. I would greatly appreciate it if you would contribute to my goal or share this page on social media or via email to anyone that you think might be interested. Thank you very much, in advance, for your generosity.

Help me meet my $2000 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Pascale Riley 85 Jan/23/2017
Ann & Don English 20 Feb/01/2017
Rachel Frost 25 Feb/01/2017
Brian Ray 10 Feb/01/2017
Deborah Finco 40 Feb/01/2017
Jennifer Riley 200 Feb/01/2017
Wendy English 50 Feb/01/2017
Deb Neuman 50 Feb/01/2017
Carole Johnson 40 Feb/01/2017
john driscoll 25 Feb/01/2017
Ronald Riley 100 Feb/01/2017
Edward M Redondo 25 Feb/02/2017
Wilson Page 25 Feb/04/2017
susan adams 25 Feb/08/2017
Mark Meeler & Brent Helton 100 Feb/08/2017
Mitzi Brown 20 Feb/08/2017
Janie Voss 50 Feb/08/2017
Frances Memory 20 Feb/08/2017
Doug Mathews 100 Feb/10/2017
Skye Gunton (and family) 25 Feb/10/2017
Martha Carr 25 Mar/05/2017
Gerry Pettipas 25 Mar/07/2017
Jean Gorce 120 Mar/08/2017
Thomas Advocacy 100 Mar/08/2017

$1,305 Raised

$2,000 Goal