Tamara Haag - Nancy Travis Childcare Project

March 18

Go Over The Edge with Tamara! Thanks so much for helping me go Over the Edge for Kids! In spite of my fear of heights, with your help I'll be rappeling a building on March 18, 2017. This cause matters more to me than my acrophobia. When I ran CCSD's Homeless Education Program I made countless visits to our local homeless shelters, and learned what a critical difference having quality childcare can mean to a family trying to get back on their feet. Thank you for helping Nancy Travis Childcare Project be that bridge to increased stability. Every child deserves a strong start in life, and your donation is helping make that possible. If you can share this page with others, that's all the better. Thank you for your support!

Help me meet my $1500 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Tamara Haag 85 Nov/25/2016
Clare Adams 25 Nov/25/2016
Karin Haag 100 Nov/26/2016
Alissa Carrier 25 Dec/03/2016
Michelle Haag 25 Dec/06/2016
R Cundy Bryson 25 Dec/12/2016
Laura Ackerley 25 Dec/13/2016
Nancy Loewen 100 Dec/13/2016
Diane Shimkets 25 Dec/13/2016
Erin Gray 50 Dec/14/2016
Joe Lennon 20 Dec/14/2016
lea rondonck 20 Dec/14/2016
Janet Geddis 25 Dec/16/2016
Colleen Jama 25 Dec/16/2016
Kelley O'Brien 25 Dec/17/2016
Stacy Doonsn 25 Dec/17/2016
Katherine Kemp 25 Dec/17/2016
Kristina Ware 25 Dec/17/2016
Amanda Barham 10 Dec/17/2016
Jennifer Thomas 10 Dec/17/2016
Birthday Friends 60 Dec/18/2016
Monira Silk 40 Dec/18/2016
Jennifer Kumnick 25 Dec/18/2016
Katie Elliott 20 Dec/18/2016
Deanna Walters 20 Dec/18/2016
Caitlin Bevis 25 Dec/18/2016
Jessie Draper 25 Dec/19/2016
Lucia Massey 50 Dec/19/2016
Ashley Owens Wood 20 Dec/21/2016
Jessie Mcclellan 20 Dec/21/2016
Courtney Davis 15 Dec/21/2016
Heather Mathews 20 Dec/21/2016
Kathryn Simmons 25 Dec/22/2016
Jeanette Corum 25 Dec/22/2016
Evet Loewen 100 Dec/22/2016
Krysia Haag 20 Dec/27/2016
Lindsey Kayal 50 Dec/27/2016
Suraj Upadhaya 11 Dec/27/2016
Heather Memory 20 Jan/03/2017
Matt Kozusko 10 Jan/03/2017
Ms. Mary A. Erlanger 50 Jan/03/2017
Michelle Laird 10 Jan/06/2017
Renee Hodnett 50 Feb/26/2017
Jamie Voivedich 25 Feb/27/2017
tres small 25 Mar/12/2017
Lisa King 15 Mar/14/2017
Erin Dean 25 Mar/17/2017

$1,496 Raised

$1,500 Goal