Chase Crawford - Platte Valley Youth for Christ

September 30

Go Over The Edge with Chase! My name is Chase Crawford. I am a Christ follower, a husband, a father to 4 young children, and the Treasurer on the Board of Youth For Christ. I love this ministry because it is reaching kids in our city that may have never heard the good news of the Gospel. Through the work of YFC, I’ve seen kids’ lives change. I am especially fond of the juvenile justice ministry--this ministry is reaching kids that are headed down paths of destruction. I particularly enjoy hearing the stories that come out of this ministry--catching kids at their bottom and sharing the Gospel story of redemption with them. This unique fundraiser is helping get the word out about this local ministry and the ways in which it is reaching the youth of our community. If my team reaches their goals, I plan to rappel down in a super-hero costume to surprise my children. The largest donation before Sept. 1 may help me chose my super hero costume! Please give generously as it all goes to a great cause!

Help me meet my $2000 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Chase Crawford 85 Aug/09/2017
Cory Theesen 50 Aug/10/2017
Dale Valentin 25 Aug/14/2017
Gary Crawford 50 Aug/17/2017
Anonymous 100 Aug/17/2017
Luke and Corina Kliewer 150 Aug/17/2017
Ali Peters-Jackson 25 Aug/17/2017
Brandon Crawford 50 Aug/17/2017
Daniel Pauley 50 Aug/18/2017
Anonymous 100 Aug/23/2017
Douglass Karr 55 Aug/23/2017
Brad Augustin 100 Aug/24/2017
Dustin & Kerrie Peterson 60 Aug/24/2017
Anonymous 100 Aug/29/2017
Anonymous 50 Aug/29/2017
Anonymous 115 Aug/29/2017
Anonymous 250 Sep/02/2017
Bruce McDowell 100 Sep/06/2017
Adam Jacobitz 50 Sep/25/2017
Lorie Johnson 1100 Sep/26/2017
John Thom 150 Sep/29/2017
Ashley Thom 10 Sep/29/2017
Ashley Thom 140 Sep/29/2017

$2,965 Raised

$2,000 Goal