Mark Millard - Platte Valley Youth for Christ

September 30

Go Over The Edge with Mark! Welcome to my fundraising page as I prepare to go Over The Edge on Sept. 30th. Do you want to see me go over the edge and rappel down the Burlington Center? Then join me in support of Youth for Christ in this unique fundraising opportunity. Time is short so hurry and get on board. Help me support Platte Valley Youth for Christ by making a donation to help me reach my goal of at least $1,000. The process is fast, easy, and secure. I truly appreciate any support you can provide. If you can't make a donation at this point, help me reach my goal by sharing this page on Facebook and Twitter! Or, even better, send an e-mail to friends you think might be interested in contributing and include a link to my page! Thanks so much for your generosity! Oh and you do not have to stop at $1000. I believe at $1500 I get a bonus of being able to have my drop with a go pro camera attached as I rappel down the Burlington center. I am not very brave, but for this cause I am willing to go overboard.

Help me meet my $1000 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Mark Millard 85 Sep/14/2017
Brett and Julie Moller 25 Sep/14/2017
Marie Fremd 25 Sep/15/2017
Anonymous 150 Sep/17/2017
Jason & Dawn Conant 50 Sep/17/2017
Nicholas Conant 1 Sep/17/2017
Warren Hull 50 Sep/18/2017
Pamela Aanas 50 Sep/18/2017
Kevin Rish 100 Sep/19/2017
Mike Aipperspach 75 Sep/19/2017
James Carson 20 Sep/19/2017
Brenda John 20 Sep/19/2017
Ken Osler 25 Sep/19/2017
Anonymous 20 Sep/19/2017
Patricia Beard 50 Sep/20/2017
Duane Demel 25 Sep/22/2017
Justin Wenburg 25 Sep/25/2017
Kara Cermak 20 Sep/26/2017
Ken Pittz 50 Sep/26/2017
Jim Murman 10 Sep/26/2017
Kory Bumgardner 50 Sep/26/2017
Matthew Sass 25 Sep/26/2017
Platte Valley 75 Sep/27/2017
Anonymous 100 Sep/27/2017
Dan Hoselton 50 Sep/27/2017
Sam & Kelsey Trausch 50 Sep/28/2017

$1,226 Raised

$1,000 Goal