Matt Pershing - Platte Valley Youth for Christ

September 30

Go Over The Edge with Matt ! Welcome to my fundraising page as my wonderful team at Pershing Orthodontics prepares to send/push me Over The Edge on September 30th. Help our team support Youth for Christ by making a donation to help reach the goal of $1,000. The process is fast, easy, and secure. I truly appreciate any support you can provide. Youth for Christ is a great organization to support! If you can't make a donation at this point, help us reach our goal by sharing this page on Facebook and Twitter! Or, even better, send an e-mail to friends you think might be interested in contributing and include a link to my page! Thanks so much for your generosity

Help me meet my $1000 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Matt Pershing 85 Jul/24/2017
John Pershing 50 Jul/26/2017
Kory Bumgardner 50 Aug/16/2017
Jessica Jarzynka 25 Aug/24/2017
Mike PeBeck 150 Aug/24/2017
Eric Arneson 100 Aug/24/2017
John Pershing 50 Aug/25/2017
William Butz 200 Aug/25/2017
Julie Thomsen 25 Aug/27/2017
Jason Schneider 40 Aug/28/2017
Shirley Butz 100 Sep/01/2017
Chris Birkestrand 1000 Sep/05/2017
Alexandria Schreiner 100 Sep/08/2017
Amy Plowe 150 Sep/11/2017
Bauer & Howard-Dental 100 Sep/15/2017
Abby Osborn 25 Sep/20/2017
Pediatric Dental Specialists 100 Sep/27/2017
carol walbrecht 100 Sep/27/2017
MUMM & Associates PC 25 Sep/27/2017
Daniel and Connie Maas 100 Sep/27/2017
Scott Damrow 50 Sep/28/2017

$2,625 Raised

$1,000 Goal