Amy Wynn - Over the Edge Northwest Connecticut

September 16

Go Over The Edge with Amy! I’m taking a risk! A risk that I can raise my goal and earn the chance to go over the edge for three organizations I believe are so worthy of support, and a risk that I’ll be brave enough on the day-of to DO IT! I’m NOT a dare-devil, by any means, but I believe in the NW CT Arts Council (confession – I work there, passionately), the NW CT Chamber (they co-founded the NW CT Arts Council, by the way), and Prime Time House, for all that these three organizations do for our corner of Connecticut. I hope you will support me by donating to Over the Edge NW CT so that I can have the opportunity to experience the thrill of supporting these three important organizations in the craziest way I know. By the way, I am the Executive Director of the Arts Council in Torrington. I am passionate about arts and culture in our region. I live in Falls Village with my husband Eli Horowitz (an RN at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital), have 3 kids, and 2 cats. (This photo of me was during a site visit to check out this crazy concept; I've never rappelled in my life!)

Help me meet my $5000 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Amy Wynn 85 Mar/24/2017
Carrie Hammond 25 Apr/07/2017
JoAnne Torti 50 Apr/07/2017
Angela Whitford 50 Apr/07/2017
Leslie Archer 25 Apr/08/2017
June Edelstein 25 Apr/09/2017
Lawrence Gottlieb 100 Apr/09/2017
Ellen Goldman 100 Apr/11/2017
Bruce Goldsnith 50 Apr/12/2017
Carie Hodel 25 May/02/2017
Danny Wynn 50 May/02/2017
Jerri Wingard 50 May/08/2017
Joel & Felicia Jones 50 May/16/2017
Carolyn Ingleson 25 May/26/2017
Lisa Lansing 50 May/27/2017
Shaari horowitz 50 May/28/2017
Victoria Jadow 25 Jun/01/2017
Robin Faust 25 Jun/07/2017
marion morris 25 Jul/15/2017
Kay Blass 25 Jul/15/2017
Jaca Boo 50 Jul/19/2017
Jacob Horowitz 25 Jul/19/2017
Daniel Altman 25 Jul/19/2017
Susan Pinsky 50 Jul/19/2017
Veronica Datzuk 10 Jul/19/2017
Lisa Kane 25 Jul/19/2017
Wendy Bury 50 Jul/20/2017
laura Evans 25 Jul/21/2017
Alice Bemand 25 Jul/26/2017
Patricia Wynn 25 Jul/31/2017
Susan Fox 25 Aug/02/2017
John Brett 50 Aug/02/2017
Thomasina Levy 50 Aug/02/2017
Chris Sloane 50 Aug/02/2017
Judith Kruger 25 Aug/02/2017
Benjamin Wohlfert 2000 Aug/03/2017
George Werner 25 Aug/03/2017
Amy Dryansky 25 Aug/03/2017
Phillip Allen 20 Aug/04/2017
Susan Borker 25 Aug/06/2017
Kathy Peck 50 Aug/07/2017
Jack Sheedy 35 Aug/08/2017
Anonymous 25 Aug/09/2017
Eli Horowitz 50 Aug/20/2017
Chris Jolliffe 25 Aug/20/2017
Andrea Downs 25 Aug/20/2017
Anonymous 10 Aug/20/2017
Laura Salmon 50 Aug/25/2017
Pamela Chassin 25 Aug/25/2017
Damon Osora 20 Aug/25/2017
Jennifer Weigel 50 Aug/25/2017
Sally Greco 25 Aug/26/2017
Carrie&Vance Cannon 25 Aug/27/2017
Jocelyn Ayer 25 Aug/28/2017
Amber Cameron 25 Aug/29/2017
Lori Rivenburgh 50 Aug/29/2017
Karen Kane 25 Aug/29/2017
Sheila Salmon 50 Aug/30/2017
Doug Evans 25 Aug/31/2017
John Lehmann-Haupt 20 Aug/31/2017
Jennifer Hansell 25 Sep/01/2017
Christopher Anderson 25 Sep/01/2017
Ana and Angelica Horowitz and Mara 10 Sep/01/2017
Jill Cannon 5 Sep/01/2017
Fiona de Merell 10 Sep/01/2017
Peter Vermilyea 25 Sep/02/2017
Marty Gooldin 50 Sep/02/2017
Anonymous 15 Sep/03/2017
Paula Josa-Jones 50 Sep/06/2017
Mary O'Neill 20 Sep/06/2017
Carole Gibney 100 Sep/07/2017
Barbara Deinhardt 100 Sep/08/2017
Candy Stiewing 25 Sep/09/2017
Christine Gevert 25 Sep/09/2017
Wendy Costa 25 Sep/10/2017
Gay Schempp 25 Sep/10/2017
Zoe Fedorjaczenko 25 Sep/11/2017
kiki michalek 100 Sep/11/2017
Fran Keilty 25 Sep/12/2017
Maggie Gardner 25 Sep/12/2017
Laurie Wadsworth 50 Sep/13/2017
Joan Jardine 25 Sep/14/2017
Charles Lemmen 50 Sep/14/2017
Douglas Weisman 25 Sep/14/2017
Diana Burroughs 50 Sep/15/2017
Ellie Gunn 25 Sep/15/2017
Jen Dallavalle 25 Sep/16/2017
Ruth Skovron 50 Sep/18/2017
Elizabeth Johnson 10 Nov/28/2017

$5,170 Raised

$5,000 Goal