Jeff Geddes

Non-profit: Over the Edge Northwest Connecticut

Date: September 16

Goal: $2000

About Jeff

Welcome to my fundraising page as I prepare to go Over The Edge on Sept 16th. Help me support Prime Time House, NW CT Arts Council and NW CT Chamber Education Foundation by making a donation to help me reach my goal of $2,000.00. I truly appreciate any support you can provide. Please share my page on your social media and send your friends an email with a link to my page. I hope you can come out on Sept 16th and watch me go Over The Edge in support of these wonderful organizations.

Help them reach their goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Jeff Geddes 85 Mar/31/2017
Tara Lockwood 50 Mar/31/2017
Maureen Devine 250 Apr/03/2017
Monica Buckley 25 Apr/12/2017
Mary Sweeney 25 Apr/14/2017
Andrea Strawinski 25 Apr/18/2017
cara Kores 15 Apr/18/2017
Sandra Kelly 25 Apr/18/2017
Patricia Gangloff 50 Apr/20/2017
Tina DiVincenzo 25 Apr/21/2017
Kimberly Neilson 25 Apr/21/2017
J fedorovich 25 Apr/21/2017
Wendy Healey 100 Apr/21/2017
Fran Lawler 50 Apr/22/2017
Marc Riccio 250 Apr/24/2017
Elizabeth Emmett 10 Apr/25/2017
Kim Hanson 25 Apr/28/2017
Paul Reardon 25 May/01/2017
Miles Borzilleri 25 May/02/2017
Carie Hodel 25 May/02/2017
Glenn Carlson 50 May/05/2017
Seth Duke 25 May/11/2017
Stephanie Weaver 50 May/12/2017
Diane Libby 50 May/12/2017
Judy Addazio 100 May/16/2017
Jennifer Ives-Groebl 25 May/27/2017
Kimberley Brown 25 May/30/2017
Abby Ross 100 Jun/15/2017
Rebecca Johnson 25 Jun/28/2017
Anonymous 10 Jun/28/2017
Dianne Cerruto 25 Jun/28/2017
Kim Dragan 100 Jun/28/2017
Oliver Taeb 255 Jun/28/2017
Alan Wiessner 50 Jun/29/2017
Bill Lodovico 25 Jun/29/2017
Autumn Colleoni 25 Jun/29/2017
Denise Walker 25 Jun/29/2017
Edwin Booth, Jr. 50 Jul/27/2017
Cheryl Gravel 50 Jul/28/2017
Sabrina Beck 100 Jul/29/2017
Jon Sheaffer 50 Aug/18/2017
Marcia and Steve GEDDES 25 Aug/19/2017
Melissa Manolitsis 75 Aug/22/2017
Joe and Rita Caruso 50 Aug/24/2017
Janet Recidivi 25 Aug/24/2017
Dawn Derwin 25 Aug/28/2017
TSB Friends 635 Aug/29/2017
Aaron Mambrino 50 Aug/29/2017
Kathleen Katrenya 25 Aug/31/2017
Gail & Charles Olsen 100 Aug/31/2017
Craig Porter 25 Aug/31/2017
cindy dirgins 50 Aug/31/2017
Diane Moraghan 25 Sep/01/2017
Skip Rogers 100 Sep/01/2017
Lance Leifert 25 Sep/06/2017
Sherylann DiSalvo 50 Sep/08/2017
Laurie Jassen 25 Sep/09/2017
Jacqueline Cahill 25 Sep/10/2017
Sharon Pronovost 25 Sep/11/2017
Marty & JoAnn Egan 100 Sep/12/2017
Mark and Judy Hemenway 25 Sep/12/2017
Alan Colavecchio 25 Sep/12/2017
Lisa Hogan 25 Sep/13/2017
Gene & Linda Geddes 200 Sep/13/2017
Ellen Schlicher 50 Sep/13/2017
Debra Maher 25 Sep/14/2017
Robert J Salvatore 25 Sep/14/2017
Nora DeDominicis 50 Sep/14/2017
Tara Lockwood 100 Sep/14/2017
Denise Rainville 25 Sep/14/2017
Alan Wiessner 100 Sep/14/2017
John Jahne 25 Sep/15/2017
Dan Ternig 20 Sep/15/2017
TSB Friends 170 Sep/15/2017
Anita Rosa 25 Sep/15/2017
Kathy Briggs 25 Sep/15/2017
Robin Orlomoski 25 Sep/15/2017
Patricia Keparutis 25 Sep/15/2017
Jeff Geddes 125 Sep/15/2017
Linda Ferrier 50 Sep/15/2017
TSB Friends 150 Sep/15/2017
Greg Zordan 10 Sep/15/2017
Dorothy Beckley 25 Sep/15/2017
Owen Quinn 25 Sep/15/2017
Lisa. & Rick Campanelli 50 Sep/16/2017
Bruce Noe 25 Sep/18/2017
TSB Friends 50 Sep/18/2017
Ray & Marcia Crannell 20 Sep/18/2017
First Congregational Church 35 Sep/18/2017

$5,390 Raised

$2,000 Goal